About Us

Hey there thanks for visiting jiofi.local.html site, I’m Mukesh Jio. I’m a tech enthusiast and an IIT Bombay student, I’m currently doing my Mechanical Engineering from one of India’s most reputed colleges. I think I’m extremely fit and talented (Just joking!).

I started this jiofi.local.html website/blog (anything you want to call this) after i brought JioFi3 for myself. Though in my college and college hostel i have access to high-speed internet (minimum 34MB/s), The situation is entirely different if we talk about my home. That’s why to solve slow internet issue on my home i brought the JioFi device. After using JioFi 3 for a few months now, I have to say: It’s an excellent MiFi device to own and use.

I Hope this little website about Jiofi login will be useful to you. For giving me any tip regarding the website, use the contact me page. Thanks for visiting the site and reading about me. This feels great :).