JioPlay For PC/Laptop Windows 7/10/8.1/8/XP Download

Do you love the JioPlay app experience on your smartphone but wish it could be better? And by better, you mean watching all your favorite TV shows and movies on a bigger screen? Yes, if you have a full-fledged Android TV on a 50-inch screen, then it is very much possible. But what if you just want to watch it on your Windows PC or laptop? Is it even possible to download JioPlay for PC and still get that full Android experience?

jioplay for pc

The answer to that question is a big “YES” again. You see, there is no dedicated Windows version for the JioPlay app. But as savvy as the Windows operating system is, users and developers of this platform will always find a way for it to be possible.

So, here is how you can download JioPlay for PC or any MyJio app available from the Play Store. You can do the same with JioCinema app and JioMusic for PC and install it to experience the full entertainment of this app. Related Topic: Download JioTV App for PC Full Version

How to Install JioPlay for PC

To download Jio Play for PC and install it on your local drive, you will need a good internet connection. That is because you will need to download an app or two to do this. And don’t worry about the difficulty level of this method. This is really easy and you will only need to do this once.

Download Nox App Player
  1. Assuming that your PC is already on and connected to the internet, you can now launch a web browser of your choice. Any web browser will do such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  2. On the address bar, type in Nox App Player. Choose the official website and download an installer from them. The download should take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet. The Nox App Player is an Android Emulator which is optimized for gaming and is light on system resources. So you can get more power and FPS if you use this one over other popular Android emulators.
  3. Now, as soon as the download finishes, run the installer and choose where you want the Nox App Player to install.
  4. Click OK and let the installation process finish.
Install JioPlay on PC
  1. Click on the Nox App Player icon to launch the app.
  2. On the first run, the Nox App will give you instruction on how to properly use the Android emulator. Just read it so you would better enjoy using the Android emulator.
  3. After the brief instruction, you will see a familiar looking Android interface. Look for the Play Store icon and click on it.
  4. Since this is your first time to access the app, you will be prompted to provide your Google email account. This is one time only so just bear with it.
  5. As soon as you get past that login and security process, you can now use the Google Play Store the way you used to on your smartphone.
  6. Search for the JioPlay app. and once you see it, just click on it and hit install.
    Jio TV Channels
  7. Once the installation is done, open the app and fill in your Jio account details.
  8. You may now enjoy your experience on a bigger screen without worrying about battery level or how small your mobile screen is.


Please be reminded that to fully enjoy having an Android emulator on your PC, your machine should have at least a minimum of 4GB RAM and a dual-processor for multitasking. The virtualization feature of your processor can also add more performance juice if enabled.

Since most PC and laptops nowadays have that similar minimum hardware specification, I suppose that is not a concern anymore. Only those using the old Windows machine should feel disappointed with this reminder. In that case, you can download Jio Play for PC anytime you want.

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