How to Fix Jio TV Not Working Issue

JioTV is an application which helps the Jio customers to view and select the TV channel on smartphones and tablets. Now, they have come up with Jio DTH Plans. Jio DTH setup box contains Set Top Box, one remote control, One dish, wire and the user manual. The Jio 4G is intermittent nowadays because there are many servers to handle. Hopefully, the upcoming Jio 5G will fix this issue. So in this article, we will teach how to fix Jio TV not working issue.

jio tv not working

Many users complain about issues accessing the JioTV. If you want to watch international TV shows, then you have to subscribe to Hotstar Premium membership. The minimum bandwidth required is 300Kbps. You can access two tabs. One from the recent tab and the other from the access program.

The recording is also possible with this JioTV. Currently, there are 10 languages available on JioTV. Reliance Jio has launched it with JioFiber connectivity. For more than a year there are many cities that are using JioTV in India.

However, users come across several times of Jio TV not working. There could be various reasons which lead to this problem. However, you can easily solve this Jio TV not working issue by executing the methods listed below.

Common Factors JioTV Is Not Working

Some users complain that their JioTV is not functioning well. Here are some causes of why it is not working.

  • Some apps are using Jio’s 4G that prevent JioTV to run normally.
  • There are few bugs, which create errors at user sides.
  • After analyzing the bug, the developer would give out an update. So updating it is important.
  • Finding a problem with the opening. For this, you need to check the APN settings.
  • Clearing the cache is important or else the program would be stuck for some reason.
  • Making valid customer id and password is a must for Wifi. And also, you should be working with Jio 4G only.
  • JioTV can be used in PC only over BlueStacks or another app player. You can Download Jio tv for PC from here.
  • Problem with Jio subscriptions.
  • JioTV not working on the mobile phone.
  • Error in responding.
  • Loading with the same program over and over again.

Fix Jio TV Not Working Issue

There are some things we could to do fix the not working issue of JioTV. Check the following list for some easy fix actions.

  1. When JioTV is not responding, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  2. The mobile setting should be entered, and the access point should be Jionet.
  3. You also have to check with the authentication type, APN protocol, APN roaming protocol, and Bearer.
  4. If you face poor connection, just disable and enable the mobile data. Then, log out from the Jio app and log in again with the required details. You can resume using the JioTV.
  5. When the Jiotv is not working, you just have to check the network connection. Check for the updated version. Make sure you have a good signal. Check your APN settings and then clear the app data.
  6. JioTV will not be working over the Wifi. It also does not work with home broadband. You should use the Jio net or Jio product to make use of it.
  7. Error in responding is mainly because of internet connectivity and updates. Just reinstall the app and also check the settings.

JioTV in Conclusion

This is all you need to know how to fix JioTV not working issue and how you can solve it immediately. If you have any queries regarding the above methods, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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  1. When we switch on JIO TV on our our Android TV, it goes for updating every time. Not able to watch anything using Jio Set Top Box.


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