How to Port to Jio: Easy Ways to Setup Your Number in Jio

Our contacts are essential to everyone who wants to keep in touch with the people they want to communicate efficiently. On the opposite side, it is a crucial moment when all your contacts disappear because of sudden changes. The Reliance JioFi network offers a solution to this. Jio is dedicated to forming a broader solution to every network user to port number to Jio.

How to Port to Jio

On our site, we discussed the details to some Jiofi services like setting caller tune, how to know your number, how to change username and password in Jiofi device. And today, I will be giving instructions, steps, and guidelines to successfully process your number to port and remain your contact number even if you are from other networks. Here are the Steps in every network and other pertinent topics. Bear and have a grip with your retention. 

How to Port number to Jio from Airtel?

  • Open the messaging
  • on your Phone.
  • Create a New message.
  • Along with your number, type <PORT> (in all capital letters)
  • Send the message to 1900.
  • As you receive a unique port code from Jio, go to a nearby Airtel Store and give your Port code with the required documents.

How to port number to Jio from Vodafone?

  • Step 1: Send SMS from your Vodafone smartphone.
  • Step 2: Type <PORT> <space> YOUR NUMBER and send to 1900.
  • Step 3: As you receive a port code as SMS on your mobile number, bring this code to the nearest Jio Store, and you will ask to show your Aadhar or Voter verification, then they will give you a new SIM card.

How to port number to Jio from Idea?

Send SMS from your existing number (Idea) in this format: PORT<space> your 10-digit mobile number and send it tom 1900.

How to port number to Jio from BSNL?

  • Confirm your BSNL Sim usage for more than three months.
  • Go to the messaging app and type <PORT><space>MOBILE NUMBER then send it to 1900.
  • As you receive the porting code, go to the nearest Jio Store, and show the code to get your Jio SIM. Wait a maximum of days for the activation of your port of numbers.

How to port number to Jio from Docomo?

For Postpaid customers: 

There is one thing to consider when you are transferring from your telecom provider, and it is your amount due, which can divide into two types. The billed amount and the other one is the unbilled amount. Which it might be, you still need to pay your bill, and I advise you not to use the telecom operator’s services, for it will be unbilled the amount and will legally stop you from your plan of the migration process.

  • Generate the amount you need to pay on a specific connection in the nearest Vodafone office.
  • Settle your bill and then do not use telecom operator’s services for that will subdue for another bill to pay, and it could be a reason for them to stop your processing of migration just for the small amount
  • Go to Jio or a mobile shop.
  • Inquire for a connection migration. You will give them the Mobile Number Portability code or MNP code as they ask it to you.
  • Go to the messaging app and send a message by typing <PORT> to 1900. A code will reply to you via 1901 number.
  • Provide them your thumb impression, and they will give you a new Jio sim. The process of migrating your number in the new Jio Sim will last for 3-7 days. Note: When your old sim has lost it’s network signal, that the time you will insert your new Jio Sim card.

For Prepaid customers: 

  • Go to Jio office or mobile shop alongside with AaDhaar card.
  • Give your MNP Code as you request for a connection migration.
  • Type <PORT> to 1900. The code will reply through the 1901 number.
  • Provide a thumb impression. Then you have a new Jio Sim card. Note: The process will finish in 3-7 days. You can insert your new Jio sim when you lost the network coverage of your old sim. 

How to port number to Jio from Aircel?

It is news that Aircel has filed for bankruptcy, so if you want your number to transfer to Jio, we will give you the process. 

  • Go to the messaging app and send a message to 1900 by typing <PORT>. Eg. PORT 1234xxxxxxxxx. 
  • As you received a unique porting code, go to the nearest Jio office.
  • Ask for migration of number from Aircel to Jio. Give them the porting code a new Sim of Jio will give to you.

How to port a Jio post-paid?

  • Send SMS <PORT> <10-digit mobile number> and send it to 1900 from your existing number, which you wish to port in Jio.
  • Download and install the MyJio app to generate the coupon code as you receive the UPC and the date of expiration.
  • Bring UPC and the Jio coupon code to the nearest Jio Store/ Reliance Digital/ DX Mini/ Jio Retailer.
  • Give Aadhaar Card number and activate the Jio connection via the eKYC process

Note: Make sure that you settle all your dues with the operator- this is for post-paid mobile connection. Your number will port in Jio within 5-7 working days as per Government regulations. The processing of the service won’t be interspersed in the interceding period. You can come to Jio office to ask about your Jio internet speed.


There’s always a solution given by the Reliance JioFi with regards to their services. And you do not have to give up your number provided by the other network to become a subscriber of Reliance JioFi network. But then you have to strictly follow the instruction to process porting of your number to Jio successfully. The steps are given looks the same as the other network. We made this your easy, quick, and detailed action. We can also help you with JioDongle, download Jio Music for PC, download Jio4G Voice for PC, and to your problem on how to increase Jiofi slow internet speed.

What network did you come from? Do you want to port your number to Jio? We hope we help you solve your porting process!

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