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People who work abroad will miss their family members because they cannot be with them if they felt lonely. A father that is unable to see his newborn baby because of being far away from home. These dedicated people who work abroad can only see their family members only through the video call option on their smartphones or computers. But most of the time, the connection is bad. But that can change now with the use of JIO International Roaming.

jio international roaming

Making a video call requires high-speed internet, and considerably, that’s a little costly for Indians. This issue is solved thanks to the new network which was started in the year 2016 named JIO. Recommended ReadBuy JioFi Routers Online (Best Deals on JioFi M2, JioFi 2 and JioFi 3)

JIO Network

JIO SIM belongs to the company lead by Mukesh Ambani named Reliance. It was launched in September 2016. JIO network started its service by offering its customers free unlimited calls and data.

It reached 15 million users within two months because of the offer provided. The network company delivers state of the art network bandwidth from 2G, 3G, 4G, and soon the Jio 5G.

JIO International Roaming

Every network has a facility called roaming which offers its customers to continue the same network service without any interruption even when on a different state. But the roaming network charges a little higher than the local network. Another option called JIO international roaming which offers the customers to continue the same network even at the time the user travels to a different country or even to different continents.

The network will connect to the satellite which helps the users to enjoy the same network. Jio network offers international roaming facility in over 170 countries to continue its service to its customers in data and also in calling their family members who will be in other country or even another continent. Check Jio International Roaming Plans

The rapid growth of mobile users, which results in an increased volume of subscribers and data traffic, JIO balances these sustainably while delivering quality of services to its customers.

The seamless extension of Jio international roaming coverage is enabled by a mutual agreement made with various mobile operation service providers in the world. This includes addressing the technical and commercial components needed to enable the service, overcoming regional challenges. Must Read: Jio International Roaming: Connecting People From India To The World

Jio international roaming overcomes its challenges such as technical barriers, regulatory interventions. Some of the significant challenges are interoperability and CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) which is in use in some parts of the region which prevents seamless roaming, usage of different spectrum bands, etc.

The company adheres to safety and self-regulation according to the laws enforced in different countries, which ensures its smooth operation. See Also: How to Fix JioTV Not Working Issue

JIO features:

JIO offers to add on features like Jio 4G Voice. It is an app available for Android and iOS devices, which provide a free-call facility 24/7.

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JIO on-the-go services

JIO troubleshoots services internationally for its customers through its channel ventures, which makes its customers feel relaxed in difficult situations. This network offers the customers to stay connected with their family members with costing a little amount of money compared to other networks. JIO SIM may have some flaws, but still, it successfully connects its customers everywhere in the world.

The customers are happy with the JIO network because of the speed. And the JIO SIM gives a good network coverage. JIO SIM successfully retained its customers even after the time of closing its offer. JIO SIM serves people all over the world with low priced services and unlimited calls and data.


This is all you need to know about JIO International roaming. If you have any queries, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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