Jio SSO Login: All You Need To Know

Every network including Jio SIM gives its customer a User ID which provides them with special offers. These special offers differ according to the time since they have joined the network. Those offers are for those customers who have been using the same network for a long time now. The User ID of the customers is Single Sign-On or SSO. To know how to access your personal Jio SSO Login, read the rest of the article.

jio sso login


Single Sign-On is a conference and user authentication service that allows the user to login with his username and password to access many applications. Each user can set a different password for their privacy. Because the Jio SSO login details are given to the customers to check the specials offers. The application access is given exclusively to the particular user only.

The Single Sign Off is directly opposite to the Single Sign-On. It shutdowns access to multiple accounts when the user signs out. The SSO account for a particular user will update each and everything about that user’s account. Must Check: jiofi.local.html login and Jio APN Settings.


Jio sim is much concerned when it comes to the privacy and details of its customers. So it gives a particular portal that allows a Jio user to have a private account. There the details which are related to that particular user will show. Jio SSO login has the same procedures as other networks. The network will update the information which it considers to be relevant to the user. And this portal will also display the particular offer intended only to that user.

Jio SSO login is available only for the Android mobile users, and the users can log in to their accounts inside the system. Note: You need to have a Jio account to access the Jio SSO login page.

How to change Jio SSO User ID and Password?

There is an option of sending OTP if the user forgets the password of his portal. OTP stands for One Time Password, which will be sent to your Jio mobile number. And if the user connected his portal with this e-mail id, then a link to change the password will go to that email.

The password can be recovered either by OTP or by the link sent to your email. Hence, there will be no chance for a user to forget the User ID and password. Also Read: JioDongle.Local.Html (Jio Dongle Login) Everything You Need To Know

How safe is SSO?

Every person in this world expects his/her own privacy even on smaller platforms. Because everyone has the right to their personal privacy. And if that network can provide quality privacy services, then the customers will automatically prefer the network that can deliver that level of services. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as privacy online. That is because every network and ISP will have a copy of the details that come through the portal.

Customers need to understand that everything done in the network does not disappear online. Traces of those details will remain on the network’s cache for safety precautions, or so they say. Recommended Read: How to Hard Reset JioFi 2/3 to Restore Settings Factory Default


This is all you need to know about Jio SSO login and how you can change the user ID and Password if you forget them. If you have any queries regarding Jio SSO login, then please let us know about them in the comments section below.

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