Download Jio4GVoice for PC/Laptop Windows 7/10/8/8.1

Jio4GVoice is one of the most useful apps from the Jio network for all its account users. It provides crystal clear HD voice calls and unprecedented features that are very much useful especially for family members. And with this much benefits from the app, it is no wonder that a lot of Jio users want to download it for PC or laptop. This would be so helpful, especially when you spend more time on your Windows machine.

Jio4GVoice for PC

How to Download & Install Jio4GVoice on PC

Here is the part that you must be waiting for. This is where you are about to experience using Jio4GVoice for PC or laptop. So try to follow the instructions carefully. This will be easy and quick. You can also use this method if you want JioMusic for PC, JioPlay app, JioTV for PC, JioCinema for PC, and MyJio app for PC.

Let’s get started and learn how to download & install jio4gvoice on windows pc. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First, you must get the Android emulator to run the Jio4GVoice for PC. So launch your preferred web browser.
  2. On the address bar, type in BlueStacks and go to BlueStacks official website.
  3. Download BlueStacks installer. This will take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  4. After the download, run the BlueStacks installer and choose where you want the app to be stored.
  5. As soon as the installation finishes, run the app using the desktop icon on your PC.
  6. Since this is your first time to open the Android emulator it will show you instructions on how to properly use it and some tips to maximize the Android experience on your PC or laptop.
  7. Right after the tips and proper usage manual, you will be directed to the main page much like the one you see on your smartphone.
  8. Now look for the Google Play Store app and open it. Again, for first-time use, you will be prompted to provide your Gmail account the same way when you first open your brand new Android phone.
  9. Now use the search bar on top and look for the Jio4GVoice app and install.

Open the app after the installation. It will ask that you fill in your Jio account information to use all Jio services. Enjoy!

Jio 4G Voice for PC App Features

Jio 4G Voice optimizes your mobile phone’s LTE capability to deliver the best HD quality of communication available to date. And since you are using the Jio SIM and all the Jio services, you can have a lot of benefits using this app.

HD Voice Call and Video Call: You can stay connected with your loved ones and make them feel like you are next to them. Make and receive calls to any number including other networks’ numbers with impressive quality. You can even connect to landline numbers and through 4G mobile data. It also supports group calls wherein three or more people can join the conversation.

Unified Messaging App: This not just an app to make a call, but also to send and receive messages. It also supports online chats to fellow app users. That means you do not have to shift and transfer to another app just to access all your SMS messages.

Rich Call feature: Another feature that separates Jio4GVoice from the other apps is its ability to include messages within the call. It even shows the location of the one you are calling. This is great for family members to make you feel less worried.

In Conclusion: Jio4G Voice

As you can see, the whole process is simple and easy to follow. So you should be able to enjoy the Jio4GVoice for PC in a few minutes.

Please note that in order to maximize the Android emulator experience your Windows machine should have at least 4GB of Ram and a dual-core or better processor. This will make all the apps inside the emulator run smoothly and at maximum frames-per-second.

If you have other concerns and questions that you need us to answer, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this article if this has been helpful to you so that it may help other people as well.

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