How to Set Caller Tune in Jio: A Step by Step Guide

Are you one of the proud customers of Reliance JioFi? Well, I am glad to tell you that in this section, I will be giving a less-hassle and complete guidelines on how to set up a free caller tune in your Jio number. Since it is good to feel that every time you are on a phone call, you will hear your favorite song.


The Reliance Jiofi is a Wi-Fi hotspot with an offer of Jio 4G Sim card. And what’s right about this is that the offer is free! Still, you need to go through a process and documentation to get the SIM, which can be your other Wi-Fi hub. It is just a part of the unlimited services Jio offers to all their avid customers. 

But before we proceed in setting up a caller tune, let’s seek first the very first detail that you must know about your Jio Sim card. This is identifying your Jio number and other relevant information.

Know your Jio number

Via Mobile

You can know your JioFi number in the following two ways. One is by sending SMS. to do this, just send an SMS Jio <IMEI> to send to 199 from any Jio number

Remember: If you want to send an SMS from a known-Jio number, all you need to do is send the SMS to 7021799999. After that, you will receive SMS with a Jio number affiliated with a particular IMEI. Example: SMS Jio 9876543210987654 to 199 of 7021799999

Note: To see your JioFi IMEI number, open the battery compartment, and remove the battery. Or, you can also find the same on the original JioFi box.

Via JioFi

To discover your Jio number, install MyJio App on your mobile device, do this in the playstore, and connect with your JioFi hotspot. Then, go to MyJio App and log in to your ID and password. At the top of the screen, you will see your Jio number. 

On the other method, open the Jio4G voice app as you connect to your JioFi on your mobile and then look for the three dots at the top corner on the right and click on it. A drop down will show the ‘settings’ menu. Click it, and the list will show your Jio number in the 1st row.

How to check my Jio number if active or not?

Make a miss call to 1299 using your Jio number. This will let you know calling benefits, data balance, and the validity of your number to remain active via answer through SMS. Or else, dial *333# to know the same details such as data and calling information in USSd response.

Meanwhile, there are three ways to set the Jio caller tune. Be ready and discover your device! Let’s dig into the details that you must know.

Setting Jio Caller Tunes via SMS

To set a caller tune using SMS, go to the messaging application and type JT(this stand for Jio Tunes). Make sure you will type the text in all capital letters. Then, send your message to 56789. After that, you will receive a question of confirmation from Jio Care. You have to confirm your request. 

Upon your request, you will be asked to choose the song you want to pick as your Jio caller tune. The following are the choices of songs and your response to each of the options. 

  1. Type ‘1’ to the same message if your choice of song is from the category, Bollywood.
  2. Type ‘2’ to the same message if your choice of song is from the category, Regional.
  3. Type ‘3’ to the same message if your choice of song is from the category, International.
  4. If your choice is a specific song, reply the first three words of the title of the song to the same message.
  5. If your choice of the song comes to a particular movie, reply MOVIE <Movie Name> to the same message.
  6. If your choice of the song came from a particular Album, reply ALBUM <Album Name> to the same message.
  7.  Reply SINGER <Name of the Singer> to the same message, If you want to set a song from a singer.

However, if the song of your choice isn’t on the list given on a method, try it again on other methods until you succeed in activating your favorite song. To know if you already activated it on caller tune, call your Jio number using another mobile. Enjoy this free service from the Jio network!

How to set Caller Tune Using JioMusic App?

It is much easier to activate a caller tune using JioMusic App than doing the message service method. You need to follow the instructions below and then, be fond of Jio network’s free service.

  1. Install JioMusic App from playstore using your Android Smartphone or iOs device.
  2. Choose and open the song to play on screen, and from there, you will see an option ‘Set as JioTune.’
  3. Click on the option and Voila! Your JioTune caller is on set.

How to deactivate JioTune service?

Not everyone will last to enjoy this kind of service. So if you are seeking the method of deactivating the JioTune services, follow the process below.

  • Send SMS. Type, <STOP> send it to 56789. Then you will receive a confirmation to deactivate the service from JioTune. Confirm to unsubscribe.
  • Another way is to call 15523 and then select the IVR option to unsubscribe the Caller Tunes Services.


JioTunes services have 30 days before subscription. However, if you have completed the service, it will automatically be renewed for another 30 days, and again, it is all for free. 

Reliance Jio network has conceived and improved the ways of how we can use our smartphones. Many of the customers haven’t discovered yet the free service of JioTunes, which is to set caller tunes. If ever, they will have additional factors to enjoy their privilege of being a Jio network subscriber.

Do you want to activate your caller tuner? Which method do you prefer? Let us know your choice and concerns by messaging us in the comment box below.

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