Do you have an idea that you want to share? Do you think you can write a great article that people would be interested to read? If so, then you should write for us.

Our team is looking for creative individuals that want to contribute to our site’s content and share useful inputs. The topic should be relevant to the website’s niche and should also be interesting.

Currently, we only accept guest posts for these topics: technology, marketing, finance, blogging, business.

Show us what you got by sending us a short sample of your written idea or ideas. Tell us how the topic should go and if we think that you are onto something useful, compelling, or life-changing article then we will let you publish on our site. We will even let you include a link from your blog so you could promote your site as well.

Requirements for Guest Posting

In order to get accepted, you must first meet our requirements and submit an article related to you and your work.

  1. Submit a partial draft or a short summary that tells of your topic.
  2. writeYour submission should be original and has not been published anywhere even on your own blog.
  3. If you want to submit us an already published article, tell us beforehand so we can discuss why it should be on our site.
  4. Your article should be in line with our site’s style of writing, format, and niche.
  5. The article should be written in a bold, interesting, and human-like insight. So don’t try to submit us with a spun article as we will find that out immediately.
  6. Your topic should have a clear direction and argument supported by facts and real-life information.
  7. The article should be written between 500-3000 words depending on the topic’s complexity.
  8. We prefer submission as Microsoft Word or Google document so we can put feedback if we think that some revisions are necessary.
  9. Please do not submit us with a ZIP file as we will not accommodate it.
  10. We do not accept explicitly written content so refrain from doing so and let’s not waste both our time.

How to Submit your Article

For submissions, you can email us or just fill the form. We will try to send feedback as soon as we can. Just make sure that you followed the requirements we stated above. Once accepted, we will notify you about the details of publication.

For marketing and promotional articles, please state your intention when you contact us so we can discuss the details properly.

Please bear with us if we couldn’t reply immediately as we are working hard to accommodate as many submissions as possible.

But rest assured that we will respond to you as soon as we can :).