How to Increase JioFi Slow Internet Speed (3 Best Tips and Tricks)

The Internet speed depends on various factors such as the strength of the network, signal obstructions, etc. Many users of JioFi routers experience low internet speeds. There are some things you can check to find the reason of poor internet speed.


Moreover, there are some tricks which you can use to increase the Internet speed of JioFi routers. Here on this page, we will resolve this common JioFi issue and increase JioFi slow internet speed. Recommended ReadHow to Upgrade JioFi 2/3 Firmware, or Fix Jio SIM Issues

Reasons for JioFi Slow Internet Speed

You can check for some reasons due to which the Internet speeds (both download and upload) are slow. Such reasons are listed below.

  1. Check if you have surpassed the daily data usage limit. Once you have crossed the daily/monthly data usage limit as provided by your plan, your internet speed will decrease to 128 kbps.
  2. Check the status of network indicator. Green or full network signal bars indicate a good network coverage. Blue or 2-4 network signal bars suggest that you are in an average coverage region. Red or less than two network signal bars indicate a low coverage zone. That might be why you are getting low internet speed.
  3. Test the connection with other sites or apps.
  4. Ensure that you keep your JioFi router within a 10-meter radius of your connected device.
  5. No more than ten devices should connect to JioFi router at a time. And also, JioFi router should be placed in an open space without any interference such as walls, microwave, etc.
  6. You must have a wrong Jio APN settings.

How to Increase JioFi Slow Internet Speed

The Tricks and Tips to increase JioFi slow internet speed on your JioFi routers are listed below. Follow this instruction to increase your Internet Speed.

First, place the JioFi router rather near to an open space instead of putting it deep inside your room. This assures that it can easily connect to the central network tower.

Make sure that you have changed the DNS to Open DNS. If you do not know how to do that, you can Google it. It is easy. Afterward, set up a Wireless Encryption Password on your JioFi router to make sure that only you and the people you know can have access to the internet.

The reasons for these poor internet connections are mostly unknown. These are some of the best tricks which you can use to increase the Internet speed of JioFi routers. You may also choose to Upgrade JioFi firmware to the latest version.

If your internet speed issue continues even after running the checks listed above and using the tricks mentioned above, contact Jio customer care or reliance digital service center and the Team will assist you.

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