JioDongle.Local.Html (Jio Dongle Login) Everything You Need To Know

Reliance Jio launched three JioFi routers after providing free 4G data with their Jio Sim. In addition to this, the company launched the Jio Dongle 2. The Jio Dongle 2 is a USB-powered WiFi hotspot device. You can change the settings of your Jio Dongle login from ‘jiodongle.local.html‘.

jio dongle login

You can use this link just like you use jiofi.local.html for JioFi router. The change in settings includes changing the password of your Jio Dongle, change JioFi name of the network (SSID), changing the SuperuserID and password, etc.

What can be done with JioDongle.Local.Html

In order to access your JioDongle admin page, fill in jiodongle.local.html or in your browser’s address bar. Once you access your router admin panel you can adjust several options such as password, WiFi network name, IP QoS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, network management, security options, WLAN settings, PPPoE, MAC, WPS, DSL, and DHCP client.

How to change the password of your Jio Dongle

For security purposes, you need to update your jiodongle.local.html (Jio Dongle) login credentials. Here is a detailed instruction on how to change the password for your Jio Dongle.

  1. Switch on your Jio Dongle and wait till the device is ready to use.
  2. Connect a device to your jiodongle.local.html (Jio Dongle). You will find the name of the network and the password of your Jio Dongle behind the box of the device.
  3. Launch any web browser on the device connected to your Jio Dongle. For example Google Chrome, Opera, etc.
  4. Enter ‘http://jiodongle.local.html‘ to enter your Jio dongle login in the search box and hit the search option. You will then be directed to another web page. (Alternatively, you can also enter in the browser address bar to access the admin page. Just make sure you don’t type 192.168.l.l instead of
  5. On this web page, you will find an option to enter your Jio dongle login at the top right corner. Click on this option.
  6. You will now enter a User ID and a password. Enter ‘administrator‘ in both the columns. And then, click on the ‘Login’ option. You will now see a different webpage.
  7. You will find ‘Network’ in the column on the left-hand side of this webpage. And under Network, you will find ‘WiFi settings.’ Click on this option.
  8. Then, in the Security Mode, you will see a column with the name ‘Network Key’. In this column, the default password will be mentioned. You can erase off the default password and enter your preferred password. Once you have entered a password of your choice, click on the ‘Apply’ option.
  9. Immediately a dialog box will appear which says that your WiFi will restart. Click on ‘OK.’ It will take a couple of minutes to restart the Dongle.


The password of your Jio Dongle login will be successfully changed to the one you entered in step number 7. Your device will disconnect from your Jio Dongle. And you will have to reconnect using the new password to keep using its services. Also, changing your password will lessen the number of connected users to your dongle, this will result to increase JioFi slow internet speed.

JioDongle.Local.Html: Change the Jio Dongle login SSID

  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 from the first method since the steps are the same.
  2. Here, in the WIFI Settings column, you will find an option labeled as ‘SSID.’ The default network name will show here. You can erase the default name and enter anything you like.
  3. Once you have completed entering the customized name, click on the ‘Apply’ option.
  4. A dialog box will pop-up which will inform you that your WiFi will restart. Click on ‘OK.’ Have patience till your Jio Dongle fully reboots.

The SSID of your Jio Dongle will be changed successfully. You will find a network with the name you had saved in the list of networks around you. You can login to this network and start using it. Also Read: How to Hard Reset JioFi 2/3 to Restore Settings Factory Default.

Change the SuperuserID and password of your Jio Dongle

  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 from the first method since the steps are the same.
  2. Go to ‘User Management’ and under that, go to ‘Account.’
  3. You will then see four columns. Namely, Superuser ID, Current Password, New Password, Confirm Password. You can change the Super ID in the Superuser ID column.
  4. Then, enter ‘administrator’ in the Current Password column. Now, you can set a new password in the New Password column and confirm it by retyping it in the Confirm password column. Finally, when you are done with this, click on ‘Apply.’
  5. A dialog box will appear, click on ‘OK.’

Using the above steps, you can change the SuperuserID and password of your Jio Dongle. Also Read: JIO Welcome Offer: Check Balance, Prime Membership, And Other Promos

The methods mentioned above are all you need to know before you get a JioDongle for yourself. If we have overlooked any such necessary information then, please let us know in the comments section.

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